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Quote Me Designs

What's comin' will come and we will meet it when it does from Harry Potter

$15.00 AUD

Overview: Each print has been creatively designed and professionally printed before being hand foiled to produce a beautiful shiny metallic finish that is exclusive to our brand and not mass produced.

Materials: Foil, White 220g-300g card..

Prints look great in either white, gold or black frames - check out our photos and see which one you like the best to fit your own style and home vibe. If your intending to frame this print, you will find picture frames available at any of the large variety stores for example: Kmart, Target, Spotlight.

Our art is designed to be fun, unique and add character to rooms at an affordable price. Mix the foils among your own photo's to create wall galleries and tell your own story.  There's no longer rules on how to co-ordinate pictures, so mix some of your favorite animals with quotes, palm trees with holiday photos, inspirational quotes with family photo's. There are so many choices to inspire you to create a great living space unique with your own style.

This is a print only, frames & mat boards are not included in the price and are for display purposes only and to assist with how the print can look.